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A corkboard is more than bark tissue and paper want ads.  A corkboard is an interchanging of ideas, an tiny interstate of commerce, a flag post to find your tribe. My corkboard contains the following items:

A television might be a brain drain, but it is also a revolutionary platform for creativity.  A video can convey a thousand layers in a near instant.  My television contains the following items, please take them with a grain of salt.

Every person's desk is their personal headquarters, their hub of operations, their launchpad for changing the world. Whether you are a philanthropist running a non-profit for children in Africa or an industrialist carving the path of future endeavors.  My desk contains the following items:

A portfolio is a cathedral for creativity or a mecca for megalomania. Either way you slice the pie, it is a lot of fun.  My portfolio is a mix of both real live examples and concept art. 

Although I do not have much time anymore for it, I used to enjoy oil painting and writing to relax.  This section includes a few examples of art.  The arrows on the left and right are used to switch through the paintings.